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Yvonne Noblitt, Director of Creative Services

Jessica Suggs is a creative and talented professional who is always looking around the bend when it comes to marketing, brand strategy and business development.

She is thorough and visionary in everything she does.

Her writing and editing is crisp and creative with attention to detail and accurate messaging.


She is a strategic thinker who never settles for the status quo, but looks to push into new territory for greater results. 

Melissa Service, Author

Jessica worked on several aspects of my project from editing to marketing.


She provided insightful comments on not only the manuscript content, but how to market my book to a wider audience.


It felt great knowing

that she was on top of her game and bringing

her best to the table.

I enjoyed our one-on-one strategy sessions, and I appreciate her flexibility and passion for my project. I look forward to working with her in the future.

Lauren Hunt Esq, Attorney

If you need help with email campaigns - I highly recommend contacting Jessica Suggs!


I was completely fed up with MailChimp and decided that it was worth my sanity to pay someone to help me.


I needed help creating MailChimp templates and Jessica offered her services. Well, I am now the proud owner of some beautiful MailChimp templates that I never could have created on my own.

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