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Experiment Guide

A Hands-on Science Workbook 
for Cub Scouts

 Take your Wolf Cub Scout to the next level with the brand new

STEM Adventures Experiment Guide. 

Access your FREE Uncovering the Past module workbook today!



Incorporates Wolf Elective Adventures required for STEM Nova certification.


Easy to follow prompts walk Cub Scouts through all module requirements.

record findings

Cub Scouts record experiment observations and capture pictures in this hands-on workbook.

stem nova awards

Easily track module completion while Cub Scouts create a keepsake of their adventures.

Cub Scouts record their findings and document their work to achieve the STEM Nova Awards.

This Experiment Guide is geared towards Wolf Cub Scouts, however, it can be easily modified to accommodate other Cub Scout levels by integrating the Elective Adventures specific to your Cub Scout's rank.

It is intended to be used in conjunction with the STEM Nova Award Requirement documents found here


The module documents at this link can be used as a parent/leader guide for working through the experiments with your Cub Scout.

Details for the specific Wolf Elective Adventures can be found in the Cub Scout Wolf Handbook.

Access FREE Workbook is not officially associated with nor endorsed by The Boy Scouts of America.

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