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What if I said that YOU can become a PUBLISHED AUTHOR?


It is possible to write and publish an eBook or printed book! Whether you're starting from scratch on your novel or are looking to repurpose your blog posts and articles into an eBook format allowing you to create passive income in your business, The Writer's Starter Kit will help you fulfill your publication dreams!


The Writer's Starter Kit is a 28-page downloadable & editable PDF workbook that provides a unique blend of tools and prompts to help you develop your book idea, start writing, and turn those ideas into a tangible eBook or print book.


Start your journey today with The Writer's Starter Kit!


The Writer's Starter Kit

  • Equip Yourself to Confidently Write Your Book!

    When you purchase The Writer's Starter Kit downloadable PDF Workbook, you'll also receive the following:

    - Trello Board walking you through all the steps for writing your book, hiring and editor, formatting your book, self-publishing, and promoting your new book!

    - Video training on how to maximize The Writer's Starter Kit.

    - Bonus Pages including: How to Format Your Manuscript & The Inside Track on the Editorial Process

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