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The Writer's Starter Kit

Writers Starter Kit Image

Take your dreams of being a published author and make them a reality!


Start writing your book today!

You who thought becoming a published author was relegated only to daydreams.


You who writes content for social media like it’s going out of style but stares at a blank page when it comes to writing longer copy.


You with no free time, who juggles kids and school and work and all-the-things.

Yes, I’m talking to YOU!


Let's Get Writing!

As a writer, editor and content creator, I know the struggle intimately.

Putting pen to paper and expressing your thoughts can be daunting.


But it doesn’t HAVE to be! 

The Writer's Starter Kit gives you the tools you need to actually start writing the book of your dreams!

Starting from scratch on your novel? Looking to repurpose your blog posts and articles into an eBook format? Want to create passive income in your business and increase your leads?

The Writer's Starter Kit is the roadmap you need to outline your book concept, and actually write your book!

Perfect for the writer who doesn't know where to start, has hit a roadblock and needs to get back on track, or is seeking direction on how to get the creative juices flowing.

Writers Starter Chart

The Writer's Starter Kit is for you if ...

✨ You’re contemplating the idea of writing something of your own. 

✨ You have so much content you don't know where to start! 

✨ You refuse to believe that writing and publication are a pipe dream never to be fulfilled!

There's a lot that goes into writing a book. Organize your thoughts, create a writing action plan, and start the writing process with this unique workbook!

Become a Published Author!

The Writer's Starter Kit provides a unique blend of tools and prompts to help you develop your book idea, start writing, and turn those ideas into a tangible,

eBook or print book.

Everything you need to get from a blank page to

a first draft manuscript

- Download your FREE -

Writer's Starter Kit Workbook

goal setting

Easy to follow framework for solidifying book goals, assessing obstacles (excuses) and tools to overcome them.


Identify your ideal reader and your personal writing style. Hone in on your unique attributes that make your writing sing!


Helpful prompts for brainstorming your book concept. Create a do-able action plan + timeline for starting, and completing, your manuscript!

content structure

Craft a working book outline. Map out the premise & plot for your fiction book or your content structure and flow for non-fiction.

Hi there! I'm Jessica, wife, mama of two, writer, marketer, editor, and voracious reader. For nearly 14 years I built a career in non-profit media, writing promotional copy, crafting & designing promotional emails, and building media platforms that spanned the globe.

I'm that girl who can't get over the feel and texture of a well-loved book. The one staying up well past Midnight thinking, "Just one more page." I'm the one with a notebook and pen in hand, jotting story ideas and character sketches while walking across town.

Meet Jessica 


In January 2019, I launched Jessica Suggs Marketing. I'm passionate about helping people just like YOU dream big, get past that daunting blank page, and get your book out into the world!

My suite of Signature Services help you level up your business by creating meaningful content, repurposing content you already have, and packaging it into a solid eBook or print book offer to grow and scale your business - and more importantly, to serve your audience the way only you can!

Start writing your masterpiece today!
This 28- page downloadable and editable PDF workbook walks you through the steps to organize your content ideas, create an action plan, write your book, and format your manuscript for an editor. Why? To publish your book!
sample page

Framework for solidifying your book goals

Assess obstacles & overcome excuses

Identify your ideal reader

Identify your personal writing style

Create an actionable plan & timeline

Brainstorm your book concept

Craft a working book outline

Start writing!

Several Open Books

Equip Yourself to Confidently Write Your Book!

Order your downloadable PDF Workbook today for $27 and receive the following:

- Trello Board walking you through all the steps for writing your book, hiring an editor, formatting your book, self-publishing, and promoting your new book!
- Bonus Video on how to maximize the Writer's Starter Kit and actually start writing your book! 
- BONUS RESOURCES: How to Format Your Manuscript & The Inside Track on the Editorial Process

Next Level Support!

Imagine what it would be like to have your book out in the world without having to spend years researching the self-publication process!

This Exclusive Package includes the 28-page downloadable and editable Writer's Starter Kit Workbook AND a 60-minute customized Zoom session. 


✨ Brainstorm your story idea and discuss next steps.


✨ Review a portion of your manuscript and break through writer's block.

✨ Get your self-publishing questions answered!

✨ Map out a promotion plan for getting your book out into the world!

Writer's Starter Kit PLUS a 60-Minute Exclusive Zoom Session with Jessica Suggs for $197!

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