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A Bookstore Dream and Getting Your Book Published!

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

I used to dream of owning a bookstore + coffee shop. Picture it with me.

You walk through the door and are enveloped in a cozy, peaceful atmosphere. Books line every wall, rustic wooden beams gleam in the soft light. Ladders lean against high shelves beckoning you into new worlds. Fantasy, fiction, romance, take your pick!

Overstuffed chairs rest luxuriously, bathed in soft warm light from side table reading lamps. Antique desks take up the nooks and crannies of corners, eager for bright young minds to try their hand at an essay or game. Recessed in the back of the shop is a play area for toddlers. A haven for mamas and their tots to enjoy one another's company during book club, their one retreat from the world of laundry and diapers.

The coffee + tea bar is to your left. The scent of rustic, vibrant coffee grounds and bracing black tea interweave with the sweet cinnamon of baked goods. Walking to the counter you are greeted with a smile. This is a place for connection. For knowing and being known. Space to work, rest, be.

As you wander the aisles of books, you run your hand across their artful spines, looking for your next adventure. Each title is curated with your preference in mind. Your next adventure is waiting along these shelves.

The passion for finely woven words, connection over coffee, and a sense of belonging are what I work to create in my business.

Coffee mug, laptop, books
Photo by @deepika.haldankar

Pull up a chair and let's chat for awhile. Tell me about the novel longing to leap out of you and onto the page. How about the non-fiction book that will bring your credibility and expertise to life, broadening your audience and sharing your knowledge and know-how with your community on a wider scale.

I'll be honest, the publication process isn't for the faint of heart. But the journey is immeasurably more enjoyable when you don't have to do it alone!

That's what I'm here for. To be your biggest cheerleader, coach, and self-publication support team.

I'm booking spots for January 2022 book coaching, manuscript editing and refinement, self-publication support, and book launch marketing.

Don't wait! Spots are limited and are going FAST!

Click here to gain access to trusted editors, skilled cover art designers, and creative marketing strategists that will help you produce and publish your masterpiece!

Photo by @thebrandvibe

I may not be curating books for my very own bookstore, but I AM curating authors! I would be honored to work with you in crafting your next award-winning book!


Ready for readers to open the pages into the world you've created?


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