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New Year Resolutions - Mad Libs Style!

Yesterday I posted a blog with fill-in-the-blanks for your very own New Year Mad Lib. If you didn’t already fill in your words, you can still do so - Click Here!

Once you have your list of nouns, verbs, adjectives etc, fill in your New Year Mad Libs Story BELOW!

Once you’ve created your story, share your favorite fill-in-the-blank story elements in the comments, or comment on my Instagram posts @jessicasuggsmarketing.


Happy New Year!

All week, [OCCUPATION](s) on Instagram have been posting lists of [PLURAL NOUN] to consider as you [ADVERB] on the past year and plan for the new year ahead.

As a/an [OCCUPATION], it’s valuable to [ADVERB] of both the [VERB] and the lessons [VERB] over the past 12 months. This introspection provides [NOUN] and intentionality as you begin the new year.

Some would say this [NOUN] will set you up for greater [NOUN] as you serve your [PLURAL NOUN] with [ADJECTIVE] in 2022. Let’s collect your [ADJECTIVE] moments here:

My biggest win this past year was [VERB].

My favorite moment was [VERB].

The biggest lesson I learned was [VERB].

In addition to these insightful business questions, you’ll see many posts of people’s favorite [NOUN] from 2021. Let’s examine your own [VERB] prowess!

My reading goal was [NUMBER] [NOUN]. I managed to read [NUMBER] [NOUN].

My favorite book was [BOOK TITLE]

My least favorite book was [BOOK TITLE]

The [NOUN] I can’t wait to read is [BOOK TITLE]

As the clock strikes [TIME], don’t forget to [VERB] your loved ones, toast [BEVERAGE] and cheer the new year with [EXCLAMATION]!


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