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Jessica Suggs - Chandler, AZ 85248

jessicas@jessicasuggsmarketing.com - Mobile 805-338-9600

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Musings, Stories and Inspiration

from a Working Mama


The batter eyed the pitcher with determined focus. His hands gripping the bat, solid and sure. Knees slightly bent, head held high, an excited energy radiated from him. The pitch released and the ball soared through the air, a blur of white and red in circular motion. 

Precision timing prevailed and his arms snapped forward, poetry in motion. The crack of the ball hitting metal rang out over the little league field. On-lookers roared as he flung the bat behind him and shot forward towards first base, trailing red dirt in his wake.

"Safe!" the umpire shouted.

The din from the stands grew exponentially as each base relinquished its hold on a runner. One. Two. Three. Four runners felt cleats pound home plate as they flew to a

one run lead - and a hard fought win.


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