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Long Awaited Book from Renowned Arizona Pastor Guy Davidson Now Available

Updated: Feb 5

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January 23, 2024


Martha Davidson


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Book Cover on paperback and ebook for The Buzz @ Chicky-Pie's Cafe

Penned by the late Guy Davidson and co-authored by Martha Davidson, "When the Unexpected Happens: Looking Up with Hope When Life Brings You Down" shares the heartache and lessons learned through their journey through life's worst moments.

CHANDLER, Arizona -At the age of 70, Guy Davidson was headed into his golden years with ambitious, awe-inspiring future plans. With 50-plus years of local and international ministry alongside his beloved wife, Martha, health and life were on track. Nothing was going to slow them down!

Then, the unexpected happened.

A catastrophic stroke turned Guy's world upside down. Life, as he and Martha knew it, was over. Suddenly, Guy found himself unable to speak, walk, or move, with temporary vision impairment. Entering this "Stroke World" instigated a fundamental shift in his physical, emotional, relational, and spiritual well-being. Martha was instantly thrown into the world of constant round-the-clock Caregiving.

In the aftermath of his stroke, Guy and Martha faced a choice. Resign themselves to a bitter end-of-life experience or place their hope in God, pressing forward through years of grueling rehabilitation.

Where was God? Why did He allow this to happen?

With determination, grit, and firm dependence on God, Guy and Martha chose to remake their lives and chart a path of recovery. Through countless ups and downs, multiple strokes, and medical emergencies, they persevered through the unthinkable with God by their side.

Whether you are a stroke survivor, a Caregiver, or are trudging through a life-altering situation, you will be encouraged, emboldened, and strengthened—to keep looking up with hope when life brings you down.

"Combining winsome observations, powerful anecdotes, practical guidance, and biblical wisdom, 'When the Unexpected Happens' details Guy and Martha Davidson's account of survival and recovery following a life-threatening stroke.
Through poignant, tear-filled moments interspersed with laugh-out-loud one-liners, readers will experience God's faithfulness as these humble servants of the Savior share their beautiful story of love for each other and love for their Heavenly Father."
- Will Graham, Executive Vice President and Evangelist, Billy Graham Evangelistic Association
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Guy Davidson dedicated his life to local and international ministry for over 50 years. He and his wife, Martha, founded several churches, including Grace Community Church and Arizona Community Church in Tempe, AZ. Known for his kindness, sense of humor, authenticity, and fun-loving spirit, Guy was an advisor, trusted friend, and beloved Shepherd Pastor. After suffering a catastrophic stroke in 2000, Guy's determination and faith provided an enthusiastic example of how to live joyfully amidst devastating adversity.

Published in partnership with Jessica Suggs Marketing, LLC, DBA JSM Book Co., Davidson's nonfiction memoir is available for distribution through IngramSpark and for purchase in print and eBook on, Barnes & Noble, and other retailers.


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