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4 Tips for Mastering the Content Creation Cycle

Updated: May 3, 2021

When I worked in radio marketing and production, we had a saying that "radio is daily." Content needed to be created for programming to be aired 365 days a year. Those media broadcasts were consumed almost as quickly as the content was created. We joked that it provided job security.

Photo Cred: @deepika.haldankar

This same content creation cycle is true for other businesses as well.

Whether you have a blog, a regular email newsletter, or you engage with your clientele on social media; the photos, graphics and written copy you create for those platforms is consumed almost as quickly as it is created.


Trust me, I know how valuable it is to have fresh new content to share with your customer base. Having an abundance of brilliant ideas, and the skills for creating the products and engaging material these ideas require is great!

But for a small business with a handful of employees, or for a solo-business owner, creating and executing high quality content often takes more time and resources than you have on hand.

Here are a few tips from the trenches to help keep you sane while producing creative, needle-moving content year-over-year:

TIP #1: Work smarter, not harder. Repurpose your content in creative ways.

Integrate existing content into your marketing and production schedule to buy you time to focus on creating NEW content.

For example, over half your social media audience doesn't even see your daily posts. So, it's safe to say, you can repurpose graphics and/or written copy every 3 months or so. Incorporate new headlines or pair existing copy with a new photo, but keep the message that served your audience the first time around. Chances are, they'll feel like they're reading it for the first time anyway!


TIP #2: Tap into your archives. You already have high quality products, blog posts, video tutorials, social media copy - use them!

This year, I've had the pleasure of working with Amanda Aaron of Lovin' Soap Studio. A few of our goals for her business are:

  1. Map out the next 12 months of marketing content so we can work ahead

  2. Create systems and workflows that enable her to consistently super-server her soap making audience

Amanda is brilliant with soap making ideas, tutorials and helpful tips for both the hobbyist soap maker and the soapy business owner. Coming up with fresh new content isn't a challenge for her. But actually having time to create that new content, while being a mama to two awesome girls, and running a thriving business, now that's not easy!

By infusing weekly live Facebook tutorials and 2 to 3 new blog posts a month, we are keeping her content fresh. By focusing on a monthly theme, we're able to creatively incorporate relevant content from past years that enhance her current product suite and keep the creativity flowing for her soap making clientele.

With a kick-a$$ workflow, project management system, and creatively repurposing her content, Lovin' Soap Studio is ready to take 2021 by storm!

"Before working with Jessica Suggs Marketing, I was dealing with inconsistency in content creation, social media and email marketing strategy and just generally was always operating my business in a reaction-based manner. Now, I have content planned for six months and feel like I have control over my content and marketing efforts."

- Amanda Aaron, Business Owner, Lovin' Soap Studio


TIP #3: Buy yourself some time. Schedule deadlines for a month out from your due date.

Working in advance gives you ample time to get things done, adjust in a crisis, and sail into that deadline with ease.

When I managed a marketing team promoting media broadcasts to radio and television stations across the globe,

we used this work-flow to keep ahead of the panic curve. Using a trusted project management program, calendar or Google spreadsheet, map out deadlines for all your team's tasks so they are completed at least one month before they "go live" to the public.

Take the photos, create the graphics, write the copy, brainstorm the slogan, design the email, write the blog ... whatever customer facing projects you have lined up for December, set a goal - and commit to meeting that goal - to have the tasks completed by November 1st. January projects should be finished by December 1 (allowing extra time for holidays, vacations etc.).

Working in advance allows you to enter a new month confident and prepared. Seriously, it's the best feeling ever!

Another benefit of working ahead? It allows you to modify, adjust (or dare I say pivot?) should unexpected changes occur.


TIP #4: Have a system and workflow in place. Track the new content you develop, and repurposed content so you don't make the mistake of duplicating content accidentally.

You’re creative. You have a million ideas for promoting your business, and you have no problem writing the instagram posts and creating the graphics and images to take your ideas to your peeps. BUT … the idea of creating a spreadsheet or filing system for tracking all your content gives you a headache.

Creating workflows and systems is truly one of my favorite things to do for businesses and entrepreneurs. And honestly, it’s one of the most valuable resources you can have as a business. Here’s why:

Tracking post content, #hashtags and calls to action combined with sales and engagement data give you a pulse on what your target audience wants from you.

Tracking this data over time allows you to identify trends in your business, so you can make informed decisions when planning future products, launches and content.

Your tracking system can be as simple as a shared Google Sheet, an Excel Spreadsheet, or a project management system like Asana. To get you started, here are a few key things to include in your content tracker:

- Date content was created

- Date content was last used

- Link the file extension to where written copy, graphics and other digital assets can be found

- If you're promoting a product, include the product name, number, product type etc.

- Title your work documents in a clear, easy to understand format

I hope you find these 4 tips helpful as you work to build out your product line, marketing content, or create your production schedule for the remainder of 2020 and into the new year!

Need help creating those systems and workflows that take the panic out of your business? Click here to book a free 30-minute strategy call with me!

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