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Five Tips for Building Relationships Through Your Writing

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Whether you’re building a business, selling a product, or writing a letter to a friend, the words you choose and the way you present yourself can make or break the relationship.

That may sound extreme, but if you’ve ever received an email that put you on the defense or participated in a heated conversation over social media, you’ve experienced the power of words.

Clear messaging, and written copy that builds relationships, is critical to finding success in a professional setting – and even makes a difference when talking with friends or family!

Here are a few things I’ve learned through more than a decade of writing for corporate executives, non-profit clientele, and creating marketing copy for business partners.

1. Write from a place of gratitude. Say thank you before saying anything else. The tone you set and the words you use either evoke trust or put your reader on the defense.

2. Use clear, concise copy. It’s easy to get carried away with explanations. Often, getting right to the point is most effective and lessens confusion.

3. Ask relevant questions. Make sure you’re using questions that people are actually asking.

4. Know your audience. If you’re preparing a memo for executive level leadership, leave out the detailed analysis. Unless specifically requested, they will be looking for the key take-aways and big picture results, not the data charts that got you to those conclusions.

5. End on a high note. A good rule of thumb is to write in such a way that you leave your reader with a positive impression of you, your services and your business.

There’s a reason writing is an artform...

The words you use, and the way you use them, influence how your reader will

respond to what you have to say.

Think of it like this, if you write when you’re angry, the words and expressions you use will likely reflect that anger and could even bring out anger or strong feelings in your readers. If you write when you are feeling content and joyful, you’ll evoke a much different response!

With some intentional thought, conscious pruning of your work, and these five tips, you have the tools you need to build relationships through written communication.



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