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Making the Most of Your Podcast Platform

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

It’s easy to see your podcast as a stand-alone entity. However, incorporating your podcast content and harnessing the promotion capabilities of your podcast platform can greatly increase your company’s visibility, grow your email list, and enhance your other product and service staples.

A podcast serves as free content, adding value for your listeners. It’s the perfect entry level for those looking to get a sense of who you are, who you serve, and highlights the unique value only you can bring.

If they like your podcast, the natural next step would be to engage with you outside of it!

The men and women who listen to your podcast do so because they have a vested interest in what you have to offer. It stands to reason that if they like your podcast, they’ll be eager to invest in other areas of your business – at least when your podcast and business are in alignment.

Four ways you can use your podcast platform to engage further with your listeners:

  • Invite listeners to join your email list. Voicing a simple one-liner at the start, middle and end of your podcast lets listeners know there's more ways to engage with you and your content. When you invite podcast listeners to join your email list be sure you're actually providing them with additional value and content they wouldn't otherwise find on the podcast. Creating a feel of exclusivity is key to driving interest in email subscriptions!

On-Air Script Ideas:

"Looking for ways to get connected outside our once-a-week podcast? Get exclusive sneak peeks, behind-the-scenes snapshots of special guest interviews, and more when you subscribe to our weekly email!"

"By the way, did you know I send out exclusive sneak peeks with upcoming content and guest interviews to friends on my email list? Join our email community ..."

  • Encourage listeners to submit questions for upcoming programs through your social media platforms or website. You can then select questions to feature and answer on the podcast. This Q&A opportunity can be tied to special events, dates or key topics and brings interaction to an otherwise solitary listening experience.

On-Air Script Ideas:

"Now's your chance to ask {insert name} anything about {insert topic}! Submit your questions when you go to our website at {insert web url} to have your question answered on a future program!"

  • Talk about products and services you know your audience will be interested in. Creating fun, natural spaces within your podcast to share the other ways you serve your audience will be appreciated - when done tastefully. Have a business podcast? Provide templates, content take-aways and printable worksheets to help listeners implement what they learn on the podcast.

On-Air Script Ideas:

"We know you love the special guests featured on {insert podcast name}. Now's you're chance to go deeper with our {insert program/service/opportunity}!"

  • Share highlights of upcoming program content. Share a few words about your next podcast episode to peak your listener's interest so they want to listen again. You know what I'm talking about, those promos at the end of a serial tv show that tease you into wanting to watch the next episode. Well, they can be used in podcasting as well! Pre-record the promo content when you record episode, then add them to the final audio during production.

On-Air Script Ideas:

"Next week on {insert podcast name}, we'll be talking with {special guest} on how {insert compelling topic teaser}. It's a compelling conversation you won't want to miss!"

Ultimately, your podcast should be an integral part of your overall business marketing strategy.

Have a product sale on your website? Mention the opportunity on your podcast - your listeners won't want to miss out!

Launching a brand new eCourse? Record a 30-second promo and include it in your podcast leading up to your launch.

Opening up 1:1 coaching spots for the upcoming quarter? Let listeners know why they want to get on your waiting list NOW! Be sure to include where they go to sign up.


Ask me anything about your podcast promotion, marketing strategy and copy needs!

- Identify creative messaging to engage your podcast listeners beyond the podcast!

- Outline a podcast production schedule.

- Create an email welcome sequence that builds engagement with your listeners.

I’m opening my schedule for a 20-minute coffee chat with you! Grab your coffee, I’ll brew some tea, and click here to get a chat on the calendar!

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