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Simplifying Content Creation

Updated: May 3, 2021

Marketing and social media experts say that in order to grow a client base you need to do all of the following ...

  • Create fresh, engaging content DAILY (as in, 365 days per year).

  • Post content to social media 2-3 times per day. With 365 days in a year, that would mean posting between 730 and 1,095 graphics / quote cards / photos WITH creative text and unique calls to action.

  • Customize every post for your target audience, on EVERY social media platform. Even better, customize your customized content based on the platform your audience is using.

  • Maximize and multiply your content - Post to Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, your website ... and most importantly, EMAIL your peeps REGULARLY!

Is your head spinning yet? Mine sure was when I first considered HOW MUCH CONTENT I WOULD NEED TO CREATE in order to complete just a portion of that list.

As an entrepreneur or small business, you likely don't have the staff, or the $$ to hire everyone you need to cover all the bases. YOU'RE THE ONE creating the content, marketing your business, serving your existing clients as you strive to garner more, all while implementing ALL-THE-THINGS.

Trust me, this is enough to overwhelm even the most motivated people.

I've been there, trying to do ALL-THE-THINGS. without a clear plan or process in place to help me reach my goals.

How about we take the overwhelm out of creating content and actually begin serving the world with the skills and know-how that sets our heart on fire?

To do that, you need tools in your toolbox that help you STREAMLINE, ORGANIZE and MANAGE the content you're sharing on all your platforms.

That's where the Content Organization Bundle comes in!

Ready for an Insider Tip? Well, here you go!

The FREE Content Organization Bundle contains three show stopping tools to help you FOCUS, STRATEGIZE and IMPLEMENT cohesive content across all your business platforms.

Map your high-level content strategy on your Monthly Calendar. Be sure to highlight important deadlines such as email campaign send dates, webinars or LIVE videos on your social media feeds.

Choose a content theme for each month and/or week of content you create.

For example, a theme for June could be "summertime." Each week, focus your content on a different aspect of summer that aligns with your target audience.

Drill down into a problem they will encounter, then show them how your service or product solves their dilemma or meets their need!

Use your Weekly Calendar to identify your weekly topics. Sample topics might include ...

Week 1 - Finishing the school year strong.

Week 2 - Create a summer bucket list to do with your family.

Week 3 - Prepare for your summer getaway (stay-cations count!).

Week 4 - How to keep your business growing while the kids are out of school.

Use the Social Media Caption document to write out content for each day of the week such as ...

MONDAY - Celebrate the "wins" from the past school year in a social media post.

TUESDAY - Give a shout out on social media to sleeping in and not having to race to the school bus every morning! Send your email campaign previewing all the awesome content you'll be sharing in the weeks ahead. Post your lead magnet ad on social, inviting people to sign up for your e-newsletter.

You get the picture!

Bottom line, it IS possible to create a cohesive content strategy, map out content across multiple platforms, maximize productivity through batchwork, and implement that content strategy to build engagement with your customers. Start crafting cohesive content today!

Download your FREE Content Organization Bundle here.

Still feeling overwhelmed? Book a FREE 30-minute strategy session with me! I'd be happy to help get you on the road to successful content planning!

Book your FREE 30-minute strategy session here.

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